About Me

15 years ago I started an agency that specialized in profitable scaling. We invested tens of million in helping our clients grow. My clients’ companies were growing exponentially. but my company was not.

I was working long hours investing in growing my clients business but was ignoring the growth my own. With a new family and another on the way, I knew working 60-90 hours per week building everyone else’s company wasn’t going to lead to the results I wanted.

One night I decided to get to the root cause of the problem and I discovered the problem was the business itself. It wasn’t scalable. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had discovered.

After a particularly frustrating meeting with a client I told my wife I wanted to do something different. I had done some business acquisitions and mergers over the years as a tool to grow my business and I told my wife that I wanted to do that full time.

She said “you’ve always been a good provider for us. This will be no different."

With her full support I did my first business acquisition a few months later, then started Economic Moat and did seven more over 2 years.

Now I'm sharing things I’ve learned about focus, customer acquisition, scaling businesses, making your time more valuable, and creating companies that become market leaders.

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